Donor Recognition

With a small volunteer staff and lean budget, we went full force into the forefront of artistic output – and achieved enormous visibility and discovered new audiences!

Our donors gave us the confidence to reinvent our work and move forward briskly.
Generosity comes in many forms. This list reflects comprehensive giving for annual fund and special events. We thank all of our donors, subscribers, and viewers throughout our virtual season.

Concertmaster Circle

$1,000 to $4,999

Minji Noh

Olga Radko


$500 to $999

Ellen K. Rentz

Catherine Menton

Group Donation from OCS Musicians

Les Woodson

Suzanne La Roque

Olga Radko and Dimitri Shlyakhtenko

Mei Hua (Patty) Lee

Johanna (Jody) Van Meter


$100 to $499

Seung-Jai Chung

Dr. William Langstaff

Tracey Siepser

Joseph Good

Andrew McAfee

John Anderson

Vicki Broach

John Tyler

Christopher Wen

Network for Good/Facebook Campaign

Bob Warkenton

Suzanne La Roque (employer match)

Dr. Steven Romansky

Corbin Foster

Melody Hsu

Suong Vu

David Brock

Beth Miller


Under $100

Steven C. Rice

Nicki Heskin

Wendy Burry

Jennifer Kawase

Sylvia Mann

Charley Leonard

Lise Kohnen

Greg Walker

Jack Gibson

Pamela Harden

Carol A Spomer

Charles Kamm

Rachel Young

Michael Cleary

Melissa Alvarez

Julia Fe Chala

Noel Cleary

Sylvia Lee Mann

Linda Dunn

Beverly Cox


Michael Buss

Jessica Chang

Bob Forte